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AEF Admissions Process

The Application Process Begins Here

AEF Admission ProcessThere are 3 steps to the AEF admissions process:

  1. Tour of the campus
  2. Student Interview / Screening
  3. Financial Commitment

AEF determines the placement of the student through an admissions process.

The first step in the admissions process is a tour of the school.  Tours allow prospective families to visit our schools in session, observe the classes, and speak to existing students and staff.  Our best asset are our teachers and staff, and we want you to see them in action, rather than touring an empty building.

A tour takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes and is the first step to familiarizing yourself with our program.

After the tour is complete, you will have the option of scheduling a follow up screening appointment.  During the screening, we will meet with your child individually, get to know them, read through relevant paperwork, and determine if they are a good fit for our program.

Based on the outcome of the screening process, the admissions team will make recommendations as to which school or program best meets your child’s needs or recommend other programs better suited for your child at this point in time.

If your child is accepted into an AEF program, your next step will be to meet with the finance manager.  This meeting, along with the required paperwork will determine your tuition and payment schedule.  Tuition at AEF is based on a sliding scale and each families’ contribution is dependent on their unique income and expenses.

Click here for more information on financial assistance and tuition

AEF has developed individual programs and schools for the following student populations:

  • Average to above average intelligence but not being successful in traditional schools
  • Average to above average intelligence but not being successfully socially or at home
  • ADHD / Aspergers / Autism and other social or communication deficits
  • Gifted but are not being successful in traditional schools
  • Low to average functioning whose main need is social and life skills