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Internet Safety


AEF Internet Safety

This page is designed to provide guides and links to information to help parents and caregivers establish internet safety:

  • Limit Screen Time on Electronic Devices
  • Restrict Access to web sites and applications based on age and content
  • Set time periods during weekdays and weekends where access is permitted
  • Set Downtime and Quiet Time (No Access)

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  • “Old School’ flip phones and newer ‘dumb’ phones are inexpensive and only allow basic access to phone calls, texts, and emails.  And even that can be restricted.
  • User have NO ACCESS to Apps or web sites
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Tips for Parents

  1. Talk to your children about online safety: The best way to keep your children safe online is to talk to them about the risks and dangers associated with the internet. Discuss the importance of maintaining privacy, avoiding inappropriate content, and not sharing personal information online.
  2. Set parental controls on digital devices: Use the parental controls feature available on most devices to restrict access to inappropriate content and limit screen time.
  3. Monitor your children’s online activity: Keep an eye on your children’s online activity, including their social media profiles, chat rooms, and online games. Use software or apps to track their activity and set alerts for inappropriate content.
  4. Use age-appropriate filters and settings: Set age-appropriate filters and settings on your children’s devices to restrict access to adult content and limit their exposure to violent or inappropriate content.
  5. Teach children about cyberbullying: Educate your children about cyberbullying and how to avoid being a victim or perpetrator of such behavior. Encourage them to report any instances of cyberbullying to you or a trusted adult.
  6. Encourage healthy online behavior: Encourage your children to be responsible digital citizens by respecting others online, avoiding hate speech or trolling, and being mindful of the impact their online behavior can have on others.

Parental Restrictions for Iphones / Ios Devices

Parental Restrictions for Android Devices

COMCAST/xfinity, DirecTV, ATT, Netflix, Prime and Other Streaming Services

You will need to contact or “google” your service provider for specific instructions.  Some of the most common are below.

Third Party Sotware