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AEF - Our Schools

AEF Schools provides a unique schooling environment for high functioning students whose needs are not being met by mainstream public schools. AEF has two distinct educational tracks (Preparatory Program: Grades K-12 for college bound students | Academy Program: Grades 5th to 12th for students who are not ready for a college prep curriculum

AEF Lower Campus (Grades K-7th)

Schools have become synonymous with overcrowding, inadequate teaching resources, and bullying. Children and parents need an alternative choice for educating their children – that school is AEF.  Our Lower Campus is divided into 3 distinctive programs designed to uniquely address the needs of children at their varying stages of academic, cognitive, and social development.

  1. Primary Learning Center (PLC) – Grades K-2
  2. Elementary Unit – Grades 3rd and 4th
  3. Middle Unit – Grades 5th to 7th

AEF Upper Campus (Grades 8th to 12th)

AEF Upper Campus is dedicated to helping families with average to bright children who are not successful in the public or private school environment. We offer a smaller, more supportive, active, and student driven learning experience for the child who has not been able to benefit from a regular school program.

AEF Upper Campus has two programs:

  • 8th Grade Immersive High School Experience
  • 9th-12th Grade High School Program

AEF Upper Campus Graduates receive an accredited diploma and are accepted into any college or university based on their grades, standardized testing scores, and extracurricular activities.

Westham Academy (Grades 5th to 12th)

Westham Academy provides a smaller, more individualized environment for students (Grades 5 to 12) who are not ready for AEF Lower or Upper Campus.  These students may be overwhelmed academically and/or socially with their peer group and need targeted cognitive and social skill instruction.  While the majority of students placed in our Westham campus transition back to our lower or upper campus, some students complete the Westham program and are placed directly into the workforce, technical/trade school, or into an independent living facility.