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Scholarships & Finances

Scholarships and Finances

AEF Schools caters to families from all socio-economic bases.  The program was set up to help students and families who NEED it, not just those who can afford it.

AEF Accepts all Florida Department of Education Scholarships including:

Every family (regardless of whether they have a scholarship listed above or not) “copays” a monthly tuition amount.

The monthly tuition each family pays at AEF is on a sliding scale and is based on the income and expenses of each family.

90% of the families who are enrolled at AEF receive financial assistance from AEF.

Families who have a gross income above $250,000 per year may not qualify for financial assistance.

Monthly Tuition payments range from $100 per month to $3000 per month depending on income.

Parents can also arrange to make payments quarterly or annually for additional discounts

In order to determine what your tuition amount and payment will be, you will need to complete the scholarship assistance / financial aid paperwork.  Every family qualifies for different scholarships and finances.

Click Here for AEF Financial Tuition Assistance Form

Click Here for a sample Tuition Fees with Financial Assistance

Click Here for sample Tuition Fees without Financial Assistance