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AEF Upper Campus (8th-12th)

AEF Upper Campus (8-12) High School Prep | Broward County, FL

AEF's Upper Campus houses grades 8th through 12+ and provides an accredited diploma to graduates

AEF Upper Campus (8th-12th)



Schools have become synonymous with overcrowding, inadequate teaching resources, and bullying. Children and parents need an alternative choice for educating their children – that school is AEF High School.

Our upper campus limits enrollment in order to maintain smaller class sizes and provide individualized attention to each student. The high school curriculum follows Florida Department of Education Guidelines and diplomas issued are fully accredited by COGNIA/SACS/CASI and accepted at colleges and universities around the world.

The upper campus program provides students with the academic, organizational, study, and independent work skills necessary for success after graduation. For our graduates, this means acceptance at both in state and out of state universities, enrollment into technical / trade schools, and/or direct placement into the work force.

8th Grade Immersive High School Experience

For many 8th graders, the transition from middle school to high school can be an overwhelming experience, not just academically, but socially and emotionally.  AEF places the 8th grade class on our upper campus with our high school students.  8th graders “audit” a general high school curriculum consisting of math, language arts, science, and social studies.  This immersive year allows the students to acclimate to the academic and social expectations and demands of a high school environment without the pressures of transcript performance.  This transitional year has proven invaluable to our 8th graders and has set them up for a successful 9th grade high school year.

High School Program (Grades 9th -12th)

High School Graduates are expected to complete 24 Credits including:

  1. Mathematics through Algebra II
  2. 2 Years of a Foreign Language
  3. Requisite English, Science, History, and Electives

Our high school functions as a “social anchor” teaching not only facts and figures, but morals, ethics, life skills, conscientious conduct, and respect for others and the world around us.

High School Program (Dual Enrollment / Post Graduate Years)

Dual enrollment during junior and senior years of high school is available and dependent on students’ grades and admission tests to local colleges.

For some students who find 6 credits per year (3 per semester) too challenging, AEF offers a slower paced program designed to allow the student to successfully complete all required credits with an additional Post Graduate year PG1 or two additional Post Graduate years PG2.  These extra years give specific students the time to develop, mature, and gain the necessary confidence academically and socially to be successful when they enter college or university.

AEF High School is a fully accredited academic day program helping students discover their natural strengths and achieve their maximum potential. AEF High School caters to average to potentially bright children and adolescents, who for one reason or another are not being successful or as successful as they should be academically, socially and/or at home.