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Westham Academy

Westham Academy | Specific Needs School- Davie, FLorida

Catering to students (ages 10 to 22) who need life, social, and cognitive skills with targeted academics

Westham Academy

Westham Academy provides a unique academic and social skill support environment for students whose immediate needs are not just academic.  Westham Academy students receive intensive social and cognitive skill remediation along with individualized academic instruction.

Many students who enroll in Westham find themselves overwhelmed socially and/or academicals in traditional schools, have been bullied, or have slipped through the cracks and are several years behind their peers academically.

The majority of students who attend Westham are transitioned back into one of AEF’s Preparatory Campuses. However, college and university is not the goal for everyone.  For some students, the goal is to make sure the child is happy, independent, and successful at the next stage.  This can mean preparing the child for placement in the work force, transition to an independent living facility, or targeted instruction for trade/technical school.