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Summer Camp

AEF Schools Summer Camp

Children have many needs… love, understanding, a sense of belonging, and achievement.

AEF Schools Summer CampAEF summer programs offer a special experience. Our goal is to build confidence in campers as they grow to organize their world and build positive relationships with peers.  Our program and staff help campers develop respect for rules and authority figures (including family), exercise sound judgment, take responsibility for their actions, and have fun.  Unfortunately, there are many children who do not experience this positive cycle, and therefore cannot adjust to family, school, and/or society’s demands.

These children, despite their intelligence, march to the beat of a different drummer. AEF Camp Programs are designed specifically for these children and adolescents.  All programs are Co-ed and are comprised of weekly sessions.

  • Summer Camp (K through 7th)
  • Young Adult Camp (7th to 12th Grade)
  • CIT / JR Counselor Programs (8th Grade and above)
  • Mixed Day Program (MDP)

Please download the summer camp application to view the dates programs operate

Program modifications and procedural changes will help ensure camper safety and social distancing practices.

Who are our campers?

No two children are the same.  Every child is a person, and every person has their own unique set of skills and deficits.  Some of our children have been diagnosed / misdiagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, or related diagnoses.  Many of our campers do not have a diagnosis; they simply prefer a smaller, safer, and more structured camp environment.

Happy CamperOur campers have some or all of the following characteristics.


  • Have trouble making / keeping / treating friends.
  • Do not enjoy a traditional camp setting
  • Have trouble listening and responding effectively
  • May have trouble functioning within a group setting
  • Experience anxiety in new or uncertain situations
  • Do not possess appropriate conflict resolution skills
  • Have problems with critical thinking
  • Have trouble staying focused or remaining on task
  • Jump from subject to subject / do not start what they finish
  • May come across as rude or oppositional (may be rude or oppositional)
  • Have trouble seeing cause / effect. (Do or say without thought of consequences)
  • Repeat same behaviors despite constant redirection and intervention
  • Find the concept of time nonexistent
  • Need constant reminders
  • Have difficulty with the organization of their rooms, work and life
  • Often talk excessively
  • Can be restless and fidgety
  • May have low self esteem and /or seem depressed

Who We Are

The AEF Summer Camp Program is a branch of AEF Schools, a leading program catering toward children, adolescents, and their families who are not being successful in the traditional school environments, socially, and/or at home.

Summer CampThe camp staff is comprised of the same multidisciplinary team who service our full-time program during the school year. These specialists have been trained by our administrative team in the AEF Schools Approach. This means we ensure a fun summer and also understand the year-round system the camper must adhere to. Our camp program, therefore, teaches life skills and life management techniques for the camper to integrate back into the home, family, and school.

Counselor Guided Activities

Our guided activities, based around a unique theme each summer, focus on innovative life management programs. Each camper receives individual assistance and instruction within a group framework. These activities teach the camper to gain self worth, take on responsibility, follow instructions, develop organization skills, control impulsivity, adhere to social norms, and of equal importance – HAVE FUN!


AEF Camps offer transport within a 20-mile radius of each campus.  Pick up points and door to door services are available.  If a student lives outside of the 20 mile radius, special arrangements can be made through the camp.

UniformsCamper playing

AEF Camps require campers to wear AEF camp shirts on all field trips.  AEF summer camp uniforms are purchased through a uniform store in the local area.

Hours  – Camp Hours may vary summer to summer and can be found on our Summer Camp Application.  Below are the general camp hours:

Pre Care Program

Parents needing to drop off their children early may enroll them in the Pre Care Program. Campers will be monitored as they participate in quiet activities.

Aftercare Program

Parents needing to pick up their children late in the afternoon may enroll them in the Aftercare Program. Campers will be monitored as they participate in activities and games.  Additional Aftercare Field Trips are also offered twice a week, to such places as the movies, laser tag, bowling alleys, arcades, etc.

Lunches & Snacks

Catered lunches are available.  Lunches can be purchased by the day or by month.  Students are also welcome to bring their own lunches.  All students have a mid morning break (10 to 15 minutes). We encourage students to pack a snack which they may eat at this time.

Campers PlayingMedications

AEF Camps will ONLY dispense/administer medications provided there is a signed note or a copy of a prescription from a licensed Medical Doctor.

Therapy & Counseling

AEF Camps work closely with Music, Occupational, Speech, Language, Cognitive, Individual, and Family therapists throughout the area.  Therapists and Doctors who have applied for and received visitation privileges at AEF Camps may see students on campus during the day, before school, or after school.

Admission Process

The majority of children and adolescents who attend our summer camp are either enrolled in our year round program or have applied for admission for the following school year, therefore they have gone through the admissions process.  Campers who do not go through the admissions process as described below are accepted to summer camp on a trial basis.

This process consists of:

  • Private interview with student
  • Private interview with family
  • Brief academic screening
  • Campus tour
  • Review of all background information and files
  • Review of AEF intake paperwork
  • Based on results – further testing or a trial period may be required

If student is accepted to AEF Camps, the admission process moves to the finance department.

AEF Camps will also assist families in finding an appropriate school / camp placement if their child is not accepted.

Financial Admission Process

Parents who cannot afford full tuition must:

  • Fill out scholarship request / financial aid forms
  • Provide all required documentation (Tax returns, Personal Financial Statements)

AEF Camps provide children and adolescents with a safe and nurturing environment.  Campers are free to discover their identities, develop self-esteem, earn self respect, learn how to lead, know when to follow, make friends and HAVE FUN.

When campers return home they are more caring, understand the importance of giving, are better equipped to stand up for what they know is right, and are willing to be more responsible. These qualities ensure individual success, instill happiness, build successful nations, and promote civil and compassionate societies.