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International Students

International Student Admissions Process



International  Students

AEF School’s is an F-1 Visa –  SEVIS certified school that can issue the paperwork (Form I-20) for an international student to apply for an F-1 visa. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a match between an international student and our campus program. Having international students enriches the learning community and allows all students the opportunity to participate in a culturally diverse program.

AEF International Student Visa Information 

Wire transfer Information Sheet Information

The process begins with a phone consultation to determine if AEF Schools’s is a good match for the student. If the applicant is a good match the following steps are followed:

  • Visit to school or campus tour (if requested by student)
  • Application including necessary documentation is submitted to school with all applicable fees.
    • Report cards / Transcripts (fully translated into English with originals)
    • Report cards are evaluated
    • AEF may request letter of recommendation
  • If accepted a formal letter is mailed to student
  • AEF enrolls student and creates a Form I-20
  • AEF sends the completed I-20 to the student
  • Student takes their I-20 to the embassy in their country and files both the Form I-20 and Form I-901, and pays the I-901 fee.
  • After various waiting periods, the country will either issue an F-1 visa or deny the application. If the F-1 visa is issued, it will be issued from the embassy.
  • Once the visa is issued, the student is authorized to attend AEF

***Some countries can take up to 6 months to issue their visa

Currently AEF does not have any predetermined host families, so visiting students would need to have accommodations in place or allow time for placement with a family. Upon application and acceptance to AEF, the school will assist with housing options. International students also have the option of staying with family, relatives, or friends while attending AEF.

Preparation prior to arrival after I-20 has been approved:

Purchase a Laptop.

Upon arrival:

International Students must take the admissions test for English assessment and provide their immunization record to a Florida Doctor for a school physical. They will receive a Florida Blue Form from their Doctor’s office. If the student intends to participate in athletics, they must complete the FHSAA forms, have the Doctor sign it and bring it in prior to their first day at AEF Schools. Students will be taken to purchase uniforms after arrival.

International StudentsStep 2 – Schedule a Screening

  • During the screening process, a student is interviewed and given several diagnostic tests.
  • This is also the time when parents and students tour our campus and meet with our principal.
  • It is an enjoyable experience and typically takes about an hour.
  • Please call 954-581-8222 to schedule a screening.

Step 3 – Gather the Required Documents

  • Once you have scheduled your screen appointment, you should gather the required documents.
  • These vary depending on the program your child is entering; please review the list by clicking Required Documents.

Children in school

Step 4 – Apply for Financial Aid

  • AEF School’s strive to help students who are a correct fit for our program.
  • If you are in need of assistance, click here to learn more about our financial aid.

Step 5 – Enroll!

  • If both parties agree that AEF School’s is the right choice for your child, the last step will be to meet with our Financial Manager and enroll!

Step 6 – Fill out any Remaining Forms