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Meet Our Staff


Meet our Staff

AEF Preparatory Schools’ employs an eclectic group of staff members in an effort to facilitate our holistic approach to teaching and education and expose our students to a variety of teaching backgrounds and methodologies.

Staff members’ degrees vary from Bachelor to Doctoral degrees in Education, Special Education, Remedial Education, English, Mathematics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Biology, Elementary Education, Dance, Music, and more.

The most important training our staff receives, is at AEF Preparatory Schools. They become masters of AEF’s proprietary academic, social, and life skill educational systems.

All AEF Schools Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and pass a Level II VECHS – Department of Law Enforcement / FBI / Interpol Background Check.

Meet our Staff


Alvarez, Ms. (2010)

Facility and Property / Teacher

Beauvais, Ms. (2022)

Teacher / Teacher Assistant

Corsover, Mr. Jason (Legal Counsel)

Legal Counsel


Mentz, Mrs. (2008)

Elementary School Coordinator

Saber, Ms. (2007)

Student Development & Janitorial Svcs. Coordinator

Sparesus, Ms. (2020)

Teacher Primary Learning Center (K-2)