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The staff is what sets AEF apart. They were able to relate to my son, make him feel welcome and still provide him with the structure he needs. When my son arrived at AEF, his social skills were weak and he didn’t have any friends. The personal attention he received helped him gain the confidence he needed to make friends and even perform in the school play!

Date of Posting: 09 May 2014 Posted By: Anonymous

In the two years we have been at AEF, our son’s enthusiasm for school and learning has never been this great. The consistency of the program and of the staff is what fosters the success of this school. Whether it is a financial, academic, or administrative concern we bring forward, it is always addressed with an open mind and a solution oriented approach. We are thrilled that we found AEF School and that our son can have a future here through the 12th grade.

Date of Posting: 11 May 2014 Posted By: Anonymous

From the moment I walked through AEF’s doors to receive my tour of the school, I knew this would be the right environment for my daughter Gabby. The one size fits all education of public schools was not working at all, especially for a child who had endured severe medical challenges, surgeries, developmental delays and enough neurological diagnosis to complete an alphabet. I can remember the countless days Gabby would come home crying because she felt rejected and lonely from not having friends or the constant phone calls from school complaining about her, not understanding how to help her socially and academically. Gabby is now completing her third year at AEF making A’s & B’s across all subjects and just as importantly, has more friends NOW than she ever dreamed of! This week Gabby came home smiling with the Student of the Month Award, a service award for her help with teachers and peers and for being a role model to all students! Her self-esteem is very high and making eye contact with peers and adults now comes naturally. Teachers and staff are nothing short of remarkable in their understanding and care of Gabby in spite of her challenges. Not only do they take pride in their work, but they know exactly how to help her and are teaching Gabby life lessons that not too far from now, will transform her to become independent and to join the work force one day. We have been and continue to be very blessed by his amazing school. Thank you AEF! We are very happy and thankful to be a part of your community.
Odalys A.

Date of Posting: 19 May 2014 Posted By: Odalys A.
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