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Elementary Prep

Elementary Prep | Broward County, FL

The Christy and Larry Hierholzer Primary Learning Center (PLC)

AEF Schools offers a Primary Learning Center (PLC) for grades Kindergarten through Ssecond. The PLC offers students an enriched learning environment where the teaching staff strive to reach each student’s needs. The PLC offers individualized learning goals and differentiated instruction all within a warm and nurturing environment.

The students are placed in ability groups where they work on their own individual academic program. As each student progresses within their ability group they are encouraged to move onto the next skill level. The PLC offers an intense reading, writing, and math skill program. We also offer social skills, art, dance, physical education, science, and social studies. The PLC offers a loving, caring, and family environment for your child.


AEF Schools offers an Intermediate Elementary School Program, which includes 4th and 5th grades. Our program has a focus on Language Arts and Math skills but also incorporates social skills, art, technology, physical education, dance, science and social studies. This is to ensure that students are fully prepared for middle school.

We believe each individual has their own unique learning style and therefore offer whole group, small group, and individualized instruction to accommodate the various needs of each scholar. In collaboration with the family, we help provide a solid foundation which stimulates a lifelong passion for growth and learning. Together, we embrace, educate, and empower our scholars to become upstanding members/citizens of the community.